Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Discussion problem for legal claim Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion problem for legal claim - Article Example The school custodian is also to be sued of warping the school rules and regulations and accepting the bribe promise. Accepting the bribe promise meant that he was not much concerned of the aftermath of such an action but so long as he or she achieved got the promise. The school principal in this case was to be sued of negligence. He actually new what was going on though was not much concerned as he wanted his school to win the competition. In these cases, each and every defendant would come up with their own statements just to evade the case. The school principal in this case would claim that he did have an idea what was going on as he was not informed of such an action. This is possible because the custodian and the head coach assumed that the principal knew nothing and was therefore green about the issue. The custodian in this case would also claim that the head coach bribed him while the head coach would deny and post a claim of negligence on the side of the school custodian for leaving the room open. Though the claims are there for the defensive purposes, they are all involved in this case and are to be held responsible. Not to forget is that Terry was also wrong as he went against the instructions they were given by the head coach though not recognized by the

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