Monday, November 4, 2019

The finest one-stop shop for ambulance vehicle Essay

The finest one-stop shop for ambulance vehicle - Essay Example Other related designs inside and out of the ambulance vehicle will also be covered within the business for as long as it is related with providing medical equipments. For instance, cabinets, and handles for medical apparatus will be provided as well. In other words, the said business is a one-stop shop for ambulance because it would try to cater in as much as possible all the essential needs of the said vehicles for emergency purposes and other related concerns. A detail of this plan can be pictured out through Appendix 3. 3. Business Name and Logo  The business name is taken from the name of the proponent; it is â€Å"SAAD Company†, while the company’s logo is obtained from the site of (2009). The logo is a picture of a red cross, indicating that the company is provider of life-saving equipments for emergency purposes. In other words, the logo remarkably emphasizes that the business would work hand in hand with medical-related businesses. In this c ase, it would provide substantial equipments and other related needs of ambulance vehicles including but not limited to designing customized medical gears.   4. Location  The proponent would want to locate the business at the center of South Australia, Adelaide. This is the capital of South Australia. In June 2011, there were 1.21 million people in its population, an integral component of the overall 1.66 million people in South Australia in the same year (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2012). Adelaide is situated at the heart of South Australia where business.

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