Saturday, November 2, 2019

Employee privacy rights in the workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Employee privacy rights in the workplace - Essay Example Everyone likes to share his/her cozy attitude in a soft and settled way and this is understandable since privacy is pretty central to one’s own self. The various rights of the employees within the workplace definitely include privacy as a major tenet within it since the top management knows that if the subordinates, middle management and the lower management is not at ease (in terms of mind and heart) at the workplace, then it is pretty much impossible to extract the best possible work out of them and this is for sure that the efficiency levels will drop as a result of the same. In the case of females, privacy holds more bases since they require their own time and the much needed space when we compare them with the male colleagues. It is the duty of the management at the helm to provide all of these people the right to be private and share a moment or two in their own individual capacities. In fact it is the employee’s right to demand the very same since no one can force him/her to be open about each and everything. At the end of the day, this individual is doing a job for which he/she is being paid and it is not something that the individual has to do for the sake of punishment or castigation. The aspects which come under the employee privacy rights include the issues related with their personal details not getting leaked, their informal talks remaining undisclosed from the people who are not concerned with, in the first place and just about everything that has bearing on the employee’s personal self. Having said that, it is the utmost duty of each and every staff member to make sure that all employees are being treated in an equal manner and there is no malice whatsoever at the workplace. What this will do at the end is to bolster a sense of encouragement and confidence at the office place and thus the productivity levels would definitely become improved. All said and done, the employee privacy rights at the workplace are an issue that gets raised

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